Student hub opens its doors with a fanfare - LCC News

An archive of all the articles I wrote during my time at the LCC News can be found here.

Fosterer Tribute - Marylebone & Paddington Mercury

Our fountains are drought of order - Kensington & Chelsea News

Here's the main story I followed during my stint at the Kensington & Chelsea News. I was on it for a while, and the whole drought it was sort of a big thing in England at the time.

It was a great success, and I was extremely pleased to see it published on page 3, the best spot on a paper apart from the cover as many of you may know.

I feel it is safe to say that this was the article that made me understand journalism was for me.

And I was for journalism.

Our markets are stalling - Kensington & Chelsea News

For this story I got into the character of a roving reporter, left the office and actually went to meet shop owners in Golborne rd, north west London.

They voiced their anger at the extension of the congestion charge to the whole borough of Kensington and Chelsea, a move they saw as a threat to their businesses.

Things took an intriguing turn when it became clear that a nearby road where Sainsbury's has one of its mega-supermarkets would be conveniently cut out of the c.c. zone. A huge favour to thousands of customers, but also to the company's employees and endless delivery trucks....

Not the end of the world - Kensington & Chelsea News

Another story for which I needed to get out of the office 'on assignment'.

Council estate by the river in Kensington called World's End. Plans by the council are under way to invest a million pounds to make the whole complex safer and more resident-friendly.

But residents, at least the ones I spoke to, do not seem very enthusiastic about it, and they say that the proposed changes will change the estate forever, assimilating it with the rest of the area, a very exclusive part of London.

Angry, and very chatty, mothers claim their kids won't have any adequate space to play, the rumours of anti-social behaviour are far from reality, money could be spent better, and they will do whatever it takes to stop the initiative.

They eventually tell me they would chain their kids and themselves to the square's lamp posts to prevent work to start.....Spicy!
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