Blog Action Day 2009

Today bloggers around the world will unite — virtually as they do — and blog about one topic, one cause, one hope: climate change can be stopped and reversed, because together we can do more than just scratching our heads.

Critics and skeptics will say that this is yet another waste of time and energy, like Earth Hour was, like the 350 Action Day may be. But we can't afford to lose hope, even though everything around us appears to be tinged with dark hues, and we feel like we're slowly sinking into an even darker hole. ...Yes, as you may have noticed, I an not the most optimistic example of the "we can do it" squad: I do see choices lying in a near future, and some of them will not be easy to make. I do also see different outcomes, and not all of them are positive. But if we do not hold on our hopes, and work hard to make them real, we might as well sit by the ocean with a can of imported beer, and wait for the tide to rise and submerge us.

Would you rather sit in front of your laptop and type away a few lines on climate change? Go on, share your thoughts, help your readers think, make them write. Make them hope.

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The time is always right to do what is right. ~Martin Luther King

Peoples: new on Portfolio

How many people have crossed my path and left an impression? How many I've met during my travels and took a picture of? Below is a selection of images I've found browsing through my various archives, hard drives, and assorted discs. More here.

Stay tuned.

South Africa's Wild Web: bandwith theft uncovered

I guess the post's title explains it all. But for those of you who want some extra details, here's a brief summary of the events: on September 19, I've signed up for a ADSL account and connection with South Africa's national ISP Telkom*. Ten days later I had (allegedly) used up all my bandwith allowance, i.e. 5GB. Today is October 2, and it seems like nearly 900MB have already gone...incredible!

Above: bandwith usage in just over 24 hours, in which no films, live streams, Skype video calls, or system updates were downloaded. I wish I could download that much by myself! (Click to enlarge)

After emailing Telkom and receiving no support, no acknowledgment, no nothing, I've scanned Internet forums and found this thread: a little dated but still current. The same topic was in the news sometimes last year: the article argues that modems of many brands can be easily hacked. Move number 1: change all passwords, not only wireless router — as it is unlikely the hackers are doing their things just outside my porch — but also modem and Internet account.

I hear people suggesting the uncapped Internet would solve this: is that the case? Discuss, both on this blog and on #bandwiththeft and #internetcap on Twitter: do you have a similar story? What is it like in your own country? Are you also capped or do you enjoy unlimited connection?

Stay Tuned.

*Also know as Hellkom in certain circles, for reasons not directly related to this post. For now.
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