A few images

...so that you don't forget I'm out and about. Current location: London.

Low clouds on the pass du Petit Saint Bernard between Italy and France.

The town of Ettelbruck in Luxembourg under the rain.

Local bar, Montreuil, France.

Untitled, Montreuil, France.

Sun rising over the ferry terminal, Calais, France.

Approaching Dover's white cliffs.

A serious road addiction

I've been back to Europe now for more than a week, in Italy since last Saturday: it is time to begin a new journey.

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It will probably take me two or three days to get to the UK, I will spend some time in and around London, and finally make my way south towards Spain, Barcelona, Madrid, and long-forgotten friends.

My new website is almost ready, and am now just taking a step back from it for a couple of days before making it live. I will keep you posted on the move, even if this blog will still be available for some time.

Stay tuned.

Web rebranding in progress

As hinted at some time ago, I will soon make a transition from this blog to a new website that is better suited to my products.

Please bear with me while I undergo this process. It will take some time, especially because I am leaving for Europe tomorrow, and I will be mobile more or less all the time I'm abroad*. But it will happen. I also have another couple of projects and ideas up my sleeve that I am going to look at and develop in the coming weeks. As usual, stay tuned on this page — or through my Facebook NetworkedBlogs ap — for updates.

*A Rough plan is as follow: fly to London, then Italy, then drive to London, carry on to France and Spain, and from there back to Italy. Similar in a way to my trip last summer, but this time I'm setting off on my old Land Rover for very different reasons.
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