A new beginning

Important changes will soon take place on this site, and I take the opportunity not only to announce them to my audience but also to write down this intention so that I won't be changing my mind at a later stage*.

These changes were long overdue and I see them fitting the learning curve I am negotiating at the moment, ie going from being a full-time student and semi-professional writer and photographer to Human Rights graduate and professional freelancer. A long and arduous road indeed...

A little background regarding my decision: I was out with a bunch of "talented individuals"** last night and for the first time in a little while I felt inspired and compelled to do some more writing, and above all to begin using this site more as a full-fledged blog rather than as a mere archive of my published work. I can highlight two main reasons:

1) Soon I will leave London for some serious traveling and was reminded that my travelogs during my time in the US last summer were quite good stuff. More of that seems a good idea to me.
2) Taking into account my medium-term plan to launch my own 'proper' website, moving things around and creating new ways to work with them should be rather inspiring.

Thanks in advance for bearing with me in the meantime and for all the precious feedback that I'm sure you can't wait to send through...

Stay tuned,


The fine print:
*I do reserve the right to change my mind at a later stage.
**The "talented individuals", quoting one of them, are Alex 'the usual suspect' Masi, Magnus 'British Swede' Andersson, and Sara 'Ebasta' Dominici.
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