Muizenberg Postcard Project

An exciting live exhibition is in process as I write this in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa. Brought to you by the peeps at Communitree.

The exhibition will run between Thursday, November 10 and Saturday, November 12, featuring a selection of postcards created by local artists and designers inspired by all that's Muizenberg: beach, white sand, surf, community, arts, good food and genuine, sun-kissed fun.

Below are the ones I have designed.

Africa in my mind, Muizenberg in my heart  

On the walkway

The beach - photo courtesy of Joy-Anne Goodenough

On the walkway 2

Make sure to swing past if you happen to be in the area today or tomorrow.

and Stay Tuned.

Varie / Random Shots

A couple of images I took in the last weeks when I travelled south and ventured in parts of the Omo Valley.

Note "Obama" written in Amharic characters 

German minstrel

My early morning sini (coffee cup)

School children

Siblings under a leaf

More images on my Flickr here.

Stay Tuned
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