Dani is an Italian-born, British-trained writer, photographer, and human rights scholar. A seasoned overland traveler, he is a skilled off-road driver, and an inimitable bush chef.
On the road as well as at home, he can cover lifestyle and human interest stories, social issues and humanitarian crises, always with that little extra empathy for his subjects that makes his work unique.
Dani can deliver original copy in both Italian and English, high-quality photography, and multimedia products.
Since 2005 he has written and shot for a number of publications such as The Guardian Weekend, Press Gazette, The Middle East, Conde Nast's Portfolio, NEED magazine, D la Repubblica delle Donne and SPRAY.

A long-time lover of academia, Dani holds a BA (hons) in Human Rights, with a focus on international law, social economics, and humanitarian affairs. He is available for freelance assignments, commissions, and other opportunities: get in touch now.

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