Summer special: death by twitter

I have been back to my Italian home town for a few days now, yet another road trip completed successfully. But this time my old Land Rover Defender just made it: leaking steering pump, quasi-dead steering box, dry ball joints are just some of the issues. The vehicle is not in good shape and needs some costly TLC, but how can I retire it with endless roads still ahead of us?

© Claire Homewood

In other news: Summer weather is gloriously hot and sunny, and I have quickly sunk back into the laid-back attitude of Italy's backyard. A little frustrating since things really seem never to change here: food, drinks, trips to the mountains. More food. Mostly this is how I spend my days.

Lazy? Never. It feels slightly different. I was talking about it with a friend just now and, how did I put it?... yes:

"It's like being at the end of Summer holidays, when in September you don't want to go back to school. You haven't done your homework and you're worried of having to get up early once again."

Plus, saying that I do don't much with my time wouldn't be true. I've done some picture editing and lots of tweeting.

End of day at the local bar - Cenicientos, Spain.

A drink and a laugh - Cenicientos, Spain.

Noori - Avignon, France.

Bicycle bell - Barcelona, Spain.

A late afternoon walk - Barcelona, Spain.

Man praying - Barcelona, Spain.


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