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Up and down Africa, along a somewhat tortuous route, and crossing the equator one, two, three times, maybe more...an imaginary line that is, in the end, the most meaningful of them all. Will it be downhill from now on? ..It does feel like it in a way.

Below is a tribute in pictures to Uganda, a little great country, the 7th out of 14 on my African trip, and which has turned out to be a nourishing place for my blossoming new me.

Enjoy, and Stay Tuned for more. 

Nyama choma (meat) sellers on a bus, between Kabale and Kampala.

Spoonbills and boats, Ssese Islands.

Mama Africa, Ssese Islands.

On an morning stroll, Ssese Islands. 

Under the shade of an African tree, Ssese Islands.

Child from the village, name unknown, Ssese Islands.

Sunset over the bay and dugout, Ssese Islands.

The water as we pass (no colour added), Lake Victoria.

You and I in the morning, Kabale.

Jetty, Rotunda market, Lake Bunyonyi.

My postcards will fly, Kabale.

Street-side tailor, Kabale.

The Professor, Kabale.

Independence's not for everyone, Kampala.


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