Briefly, Somaliland

I've gotten back to Addis Ababa early this morning, around 8am, after a six-day-long roundtrip to Somaliland. Visa run mission: accomplished.

52,000 Somaliland shillings = 10 US dollars
It took me 24 harrowing hours to get back from Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, a journey that involved an array of means of transport: 1 Coaster, 1 (highly) shared taxi, 2 minibuses and 2 buses ... I'm knackered but it was worth it.

Street scene. night. Berbera.

Shipwrecks in Berbera's port 

Shared taxi. prayer break. 

Somaliland coast. deserted beach.  

Early one morning. 

More images on my Flickr here.  

Also, I wasn't on my own this time, having found an awesome travelling companion in a young Polish/German free spirit named Magdalena. Check her own blog and pictures here

Stay Tuned. 

ps: in other, breaking, news, Muammar Gaddafi is reported to be dead. 


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