48 Hour Magazine - written today, published tomorrow

I have just submitted a short story to Issue Zero of 48 Hour Magazine, an innovative experiment in publishing. The deadline for contributions is in less then four hours — 4pm PDT — so hurry if you're thinking about it.

The concept strikes for its simplicity: a professional-looking magazine is put together in less then 48 hours, from getting stories written and pictures shot, to edit and layout, print and distribution. The first 24 hours after the common theme is announced are open to contributions from anybody in any medium, then editors will spend another 24 to have a glossy magazine printed and ready to be bought on demand from MagCloud.

The topic chosen for the pilot issue is HUSTLE: "where the quick-witted trickster meets the Protestant work ethic." It looked fun so I took up the call. And so did over 1,200 other people, writers, poets, photographer, illustrators, chefs, and pirates I presume.

I can't wait to see the final product. And look forward to Issue 1 already.  


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