Where is Dani? ...my trip and the World Cup

Today the 2010 FIFA World Cup begins in South Africa, and a month ago tomorrow my Cape to Cairo overland trip began in Cape Town. I felt it was time I'd write up a short update.

I am in Siavonga, Zambia, a sleepy little town on the northern shore of Lake Kariba. My trip so far has taken me through South Africa, but very quickly, then three weeks in Zimbabwe, an incredibly moving country that susprised me at every corner: Great Zimbabwe, Harare, Chimanimani, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls...finally I got to Zambia in the beginning of June, crossing over the mighty River Zambezi, and via Livingstone I've reached Lusaka and then Siavonga.

I am staying with an old friend of mine, an Italian volunteer who works in the micro-credit business. I rest, I eat well, I marvel at stunning African sunsets, I drink local beer...and that's pretty much all I do at the moment. Heaven!

But talking a little bit of World Cup, I've heard mixed reviews so far: some say it's madness of an electryfing kind, with colours and excitement, and others that it's quickly becoming hectic and weird. Discuss.

Something good is defnitely coming out of it though, as the picture below clearly shows, an example of public art sponsored by World Cup money. Happy days.

 Football Mama, by Claire Homewood, Cape Town. 

Stay tuned.


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